The Five Scions had lost their way. Their lust for power had blinded them to their true enemy, and distracted them from their goals. They killed each other in a desperate race for Lucifer’s throne, leaving the Order a scattered, broken mess for the Brotherhood to finish off. The Order of the Infernal Scepter fell in 1962, with the last of its leaders crushed under a thousand tons of stone during the Battle of Centralia. The Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch had vanquished their ancient foe, ushering in a new era of peace and security. This is what the Brotherhood thinks. This is what I want them to think.

I am the Sixth Scion. The last true heir to Lucifer’s throne. Sired in secret and raised in the mortal world, only my father knew of my existence. While my brothers and sisters practiced their Evil openly—drawing the Brotherhood’s attention with their murder and mayhem—mine was a more subtle Evil. A sinister subterfuge that has allowed me to assemble an invisible army that has infiltrated human society at every level. We control their governments. Their media. Their industry and infrastructure. This world continues to turn at my whim. With a word, I could shut it all down. But the time is not right.


Soon the stars will come right. Soon the energies will align and the rituals will begin. This world will burn, and I will emerge from its ashes to claim my birthright. The Satan will fall. The Infernal Scepter will be mine. I shall sit upon my father’s throne as Queen of Hell and the powers of Good will tremble before me. Evil shall prevail once more.

All hail the Last Scion.

All hail the forces of Evil.

All hail...

The Order of the Infernal Scepter